Effective channel marketing requires developing motivated channel partners using appropriate partnership marketing programs.

Performance based incentives, cooperative accounts and goal achievement programs are often essential elements in long term successful channel partnerships. Often, the activities required by these programs are complex and tedious. They require professional oversight, attention to detail, significant technology capabilities, complex database transactions and multi-tiered communication delivery. In many of our client’s rapidly changing marketplaces, even the task of keeping up-to-date demographic and contract information on channel partners can be challenging.

Significant investments in technology and a unique understanding of channel strategy has helped Unified Resources, Inc. meet the channel partner relationship challenges facing our clients.

Unified Resources, Inc. Performance Programs include:
  • Co-op Advertising Accrual/Claim Programs
  • Volume/Sales Incentive Programs
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Contract/Compliance Management
  • Authorized Retailer Programs